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1. On-Site I.T. Administration

We can provide on-site services to fully manage your office systems.

Why pay for a full-time I.T. resource when you only need to call the experts to manage this for you?

Nevery worry about finding solutions to your most difficult I.T. problems - we are here to help!

We have a long history of providing practical and efficient solutions for our clients.

on-site i.t. administration

2. Remote I.T. Administration

We can remotely connect to your network, and administer your book-keeping on your server.

We can provide 24/7 support to your vital business systems, and work to resolve issues in real-time while liaising with staff on the phone.

How do you currently manage your most business-critical systems?

remote administration

Sample Projects


    I.T. Systems Across Multiple Locations

    Doorfix have continued their expansion throughout multiple locations in Ireland and the UK, facilitated by ATS-IT's complete I.T. solution. Everything from corporate email systems, secure servers and networks to accounts and management software is being taken care of.


    A Continuing Relationship

    Following the acquisition of Alarm Monitoring Services Ltd (i-watch) by G4S, ATS-IT have been retained to provide on-going I.T. services to the organisation. We are delighted to be working with them.


    Extensive I.T. Infrastructure

    We have implemented a comprehensive remote access solution to their head office, and provide continued support across all their levels of technology, including a substantial SAP implementation.


    Facilities Maintenance Company In Ireland and UK

    MJD operate in the entire island of Ireland and across the entire UK. Their business is founded on real-time communication between their staff, customers and affiliates, and we ensure that their I.T. operations operate seamlessly 24/7.


    A Large Retail Operation

    Providing a high quality I.T. service in the fast-moving world of retail throws out its own set of requirements. In recent times, people are working to tight deadlines on both delivery and payment. The Homezone group of companies have been using a solid I.T. infrastructure from ATS-IT to stay on top.


    Following Acquisition of Project Lighting

    Yet again, when another of our clients are acquired - this time by one of the leading lighting companies in Europe - they retain our services, because we have contributed to the success and growth of the original business. We are delighted to be working with Fagerhult!

3. Systems & Solutions

We also provide consultancy services for our clients.

If you are faced with an important decision about migrating to a new solution, we can help you explore all the options.

We provide web solutions from the most simple corporate identity website, to fully online systems running in "the cloud"!

traditional book keeping

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